Experience Wellness Transformation with IV Therapy and Peptide Treatments at our Med Spa

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IV (intravenous therapy) refers to a therapy that delivers fluid into veins in the body. IV therapy works by using an injection with a syringe or via infusion, often referred to as a drip. IV therapy is the fastest way to deliver medications and nutrients to the body. At Body Massage Wellness Medical Spa we have formulated specific IV drips to help with dehydration, combat illness, as well as assist in weight loss and aging.

Reasons to try IV therapy:

  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Boost energy
  • Treat chronic pain
  • Restore hydration
  • Enhance immune function
  • Promote athletic and sports recovery


Myers Cocktail:

The Myers’ Cocktail was invented by infusion visionary and pioneer John Myers, M.D. and was aimed to treat those suffering from chronic ailments such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Asthma. His, Myers’ Cocktail was noted in his own studies for increasing energy in his patients for long periods of time and even improving athletic performance. It also established positive results when applied to the treatment of conditions like migraines, fatigue, acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergies and cardiovascular disease. For sixty years it has been known as one of the most popular and effective examples of intravenous vitamin treatment therapy.

Our Myers’ Cocktail is the perfect IV drip to alleviate chronic symptoms like inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue and stress. With the perfect blend of multivitamins and hydration this infusion also helps increase immune support, alleviate anxiety, migraines and muscle cramps. Relax with this restorative drip that can help restore balance to your mind and body.

Hangover Relief:

The Hangover Bag combines an anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medication to detoxify your body and bring you relief. The Hangover Bag may also help with altitude sickness and GI “bugs” (examples: food poisoning, stomach flu).

Super Immune:

Feeling run down? The Immune Booster combines key ingredients to boost overall immunity. This bag may help shorten recovery time and benefit you if suffering from the common cold, upper respiratory infection, COVID-19, or the flu. 

Athletic Performance:

This infusion is great for pre and post performance. It contains protein building amino acid Taurine and GAC aka Glutamine, Arginine and l- Carnitine. This is an amino acid trio that stimulates fat metabolism by facilitating the transfer of fatty acids to the mitochondria, also known as “the power houses of the cells.” This action aids in weight loss and athletic performance (often injected post-workout if weight loss is the goal). GAC has also been used to help expedite repair of workout-related injuries, and faster muscle recovery.

Flush out lactic acid and restore your body with one liter of hydration. Get pumped with 100% nutrient absorption, your muscles will thank you! Perfect for professional and amateur athletes, as well as part of a pre-endurance boost or post-event recovery plan.


The ultimate combination of Vitamin C, Biotin, B-Complex , B-12 and Glutathione push for skin and nails. Look and feel amazing! Get the ultimate beauty boost from the inside out with this perfect blend of hydration, high-dose glutathione, biotin and B-Vitamins. No tricks or angles, just 100% vitamin and antioxidant absorption to keep your hair, skin, and nails looking fabulous.

Stress and Anxiety Relief:

IV therapy for stress management uses vitamins and nutrients to relieve stress symptoms. This combination of nutrients helps your body become more balanced. Vitamins block and reverse the effects of exhaustion, so you feel better quickly. Since the IV method directly delivers this mixture to your body, you will feel its effects soon.

Weight Loss IV:

Our weight loss IV drip is full of vitamins and nutrients that can target fat, jump-start your metabolism and help your body function better. Our weight loss drip package features key ingredients to aid your body’s natural processes.


CJC-1295 is an incredibly effective peptide which works by stimulating the release of your own body’s growth hormones (which drop quickly after the age of 30). Research has shown that CJC-1295 can increase growth hormone levels by 200-1000% and the elevated growth hormone production continued for up to 6 days. 

WHAT IS IPAMORELIN? Ipamorelin acts in a completely different way than CJC-1295 by mimicking ghrelin. This is an important distinction between both peptides because Ghrelin is responsible for initiating the breakdown of fat for use as energy as well as preventing the breakdown of muscles. Ipamorelin is cleared from the body more rapidly as its half-life is only about 2 hours.


CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin are combined in therapy because they are known to work very well together. Generally, when combined, we see a 3-5 fold increase in growth hormone release over ipamorelin alone. This will increase the benefits of your peptide therapy over using a single peptide alone.


While patients will notice some significant changes in the body after the first month, the full benefits are usually fully noticed after three to six months of therapy.

Month 1

  • Increased energy
  • Improved stamina
  • Deeper, more restful sleep

Month 2

  • Improved skin 
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Stronger nails and hair
  • Increased metabolism

Month 3

  • Enhanced sex drive and performance
  • Improved mental focus
  • Improved joint health

Month 4

  • Continued weight reduction
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Increased lean muscle mass

Month 5

  • Noticeably fuller, healthier hair
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles 
  • Better skin tone
  • Continued reduction in belly fat

Month 6

  • 5-10% reduction in body fat (without exercise/diet)
  • 10% increase in lean muscle mass
  • Improved vitality due to organ regrowth


We provide a wide range of health and wellness programs that are individually tailored and results driven.

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