How to lose & eliminate targeted fat pockets the easy way.

A healthy lifestyle is a key to sustain life on earth, and a balanced diet, exercise, and proper sleep are the essential components of a healthy lifestyle.

However, people tend to become unhealthy by gaining weight and as a result become prone to lifestyle diseases and other health issues.

Weight gain is associated with the accumulation of fat inside the human body; fat is stored in two forms – triglycerides and fatty acids. The fatty acids are broken down by the body for producing energy to carry out regular body functioning. Nevertheless, the fat stored in the human body underneath the subcutaneous layer is the triglycerides, which are big fat molecule formed by three chains of fatty acids. 


A human body may have 20 to 300 billion fat cells, known as adipose cells for storage of fats. Men and women tend to accumulate fat in many body parts.

The fat gets stored inside a female body near the waist, hips, breasts, and buttocks. While for men, fat deposition takes place in the chest, abdomen, and buttocks.

The human body also stores fat near body organs such as kidneys, liver, and inside muscles. The fat stored in adipose tissues near the abdominal area is very problematic and causes several health ailments. These fats should be eliminated, and fat reduction can be initiated with the help of diet and physical exercise. These are some of the areas which need to be targeted for fat loss and losing weight at the same time, and it is important to know the correct way to lose targeted fat


Spot Reduction of Fat

For targeted fat loss, it is important to focus on the problem areas first, such as abdominal areas and buttocks. There are many proven ways of fat loss, which can eventually help to lose targeted fat by the proper combination of diet and exercise. The proper diet and strengthening exercises can help the body to get rid of excess fat stored in the adipose cells.

Targeted fat loss is also known as spot reduction, which specifically targets some problematic areas of the body, such as near waist, thighs, and buttocks. There are some exercises that can be undertaken at regular intervals to target fat in specific areas and are also instrumental in helping to burn fat overall.


Spot reduction of stubborn belly fat with non-invasive, non-surgical CoolSculpting Treatments.

Lose Targeted Fat – Myth or Real

The spot reduction or targeted fat loss gained popularity in some aspects of health and fitness. However, the theory of targeting specific body parts for weight loss is quite common. There are some commonly used strategies for targeted fat loss:

  • Muscle Training – The reality about this theory of targeting certain areas of the body for fat loss is possible with the help of muscle training. Those problematic areas of the body lose fat and burn calories, and result in muscle growth, which results in fat loss. 
  • Calorie Reduction – The calorie reduction causes a deficit inside the body, making the body utilize the fat cells and therefore, losing fat from all over the body, but certain areas reduce faster than the others do. 

Muscle training and fat reduction from all over the body can eventually help in targeted fat loss. However, all these strategies take a significant amount of time and efforts for an individual to lose fat from specific areas of the body.

Spot reduction can be made when an individual is close to normal body weight, and it requires an individual to place the body into a fat burning state by changing eating habits. Hence, spot reduction is quite effective, but requires serious discipline and consistent application of the diet or exercise, at the same time.

Today, with the development of research and technology, an innovative method of targeted fat loss has been introduced that is considered effective and safe at the same time.



CoolSculpting is the world’s first non-invasive fat reduction treatment that can specifically target certain fat pockets of the body to freeze away the excess stored fat. CoolSculpting is FDA authenticated and represents a safe, non-intrusive, non-surgical method to lose targeted fat.

This fat reduction method utilizes the concept of fat freezing with the help of state-of-the-art freezing technology to target adipose cells.

It is this method that is being used extensively in Denver, CO. CoolSculpting can show results with as few as one treatment but multiple treatments of the same targeted area shows that more than one treatment offers the most satisfaction. Coosculpting is the easiest, safest and fastest method for targeted fat reduction.

Mechanism of CoolSculpting

Stubborn fat stored in specific areas of the body can easily be melted away with CoolSculpting by the use of controlled cooling to target these areas. The cooling technology that is taking “fat loss” by storm freezes fat at a higher temperature than surrounding tissues.

CoolSculpting utilizes the concept of Cryolipolysis. The way Cryolipolysis works is by crystallizing fat cells leading to their death. After targeting the areas with freezing technology, the body starts its normal process of fat breakdown and permanently shedding the dead fat cells from the body. Yes, fat cells go away for good.


How CoolSculpting Work - Denver Colorado

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

The Coolsculpting method of targeting fat loss is the safest method of losing stubborn fat from targeted areas of the body.

Want to know what areas of the body can be treated with the help of this method? We can target the stomach, abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, love handles, flanks, back, chest, thighs, arms, neck and other body parts.

Cool Sculpting has the following benefits:

  • FDA cleared

The world’s first non-invasive method of fat elimination is cleared by FDA and authenticated for usage. In fact, it is the only fat freezing method of reducing fat, which is FDA-cleared. This treatment is safe on the body without any potential side effects. 

  • Long Term Results

The fat reduction with this technology initiates a beneficial process of elimination of fats and reduces fat for good, giving long-term and sustainable results. The results can be visibly seen after some weeks of freezing treatment as the body starts eliminating dead fat cells and they do not gain back that fat after some time.

  • Convenient Method

The session of CoolSculpting does not last more than an hour for targeting certain areas of the body. The method is convenient and comfortable at the same time. Furthermore, results can be observed within a few weeks. This method is comfortable enough to make a person sleep or enjoy the time during the treatment.

  • Cost-effective

CoolSculpting is non-surgical compared to other methods of fat reduction; therefore, this method has no downtime. Results can be seen within a few weeks, and the method is cost-effective as the fat goes away for good and the results are long-term. This method is comparatively cheaper than liposuction and laser treatment for burning fat.

Fat reduction and losing body weight go hand-in-hand. Now, the most innovative and safe method to lose body fat is CoolSculpting (the Cryolipolysis method of freezing fat cells).

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has certified this method as the safest way to eliminate fat, and carries with it several benefits over other methods, with little to no side effects.

This method is simple, convenient, comfortable, and is a cost-effective way to achieve non-invasive targeted fat loss with visible results. 

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