This is the best laser hair removal place I have ever been to. I live 40 miles away and I drive there for two reasons: it is the most competitive price in Denver metro area, and the staff is very skilled and nice. I see significant progress in my laser hair removal, and believe it or not, the pain is very little and tolerable. I have been to other places where it hurt so bad. But, this place has a new machine designed to cause minimal pain. I was skeptical at first, but now I see IT REALLY WORKS! Amy U is the sweetest and more importantly very good at what she does. This place is worth the drive.1


I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Ty yesterday and it was nothing short of incredible. He was very informative and educated me on areas in need of attention as well provided detailed explanations for the questions that I had. I prefer deep tissue work and he was able to apply the perfect amount of pressure while still being gentle. He took his time and I never got the feeling that he was rushed, which I have experienced with other places in the past. The front desk staff was very nice and the spa had a clean, professional and relaxing environment. The spa also offers many other services that I look forward to trying out. Overall two thumbs up and I can’t wait to go back!1


Once you try laser hair removal at Body Massage Wellness Spa, you will wonder why you ever, ever subjected yourself to pain and cost of waxing. I had been waxing regularly since I was a teenager when I spied BMWS’s Groupon deal. I always thought laser hair removal was a thousand-dollar type of procedure, but the prices are so, so reasonable when you catch a special like their Groupon. I went in for underarm treatment and was amazed – the whole process takes about 10 minutes and involves no pain whatsoever. You feel like you have a mild sunburn for maybe an hour and that’s it. Ten days later, your hair falls out and I have never shaved again. Each treatment brings better and better results. I just bought another package to do my bikini area. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.1


I did a series of laser hair treatments for my bikini line. well worth it. Stopped most hair or drastically slowed it. Very professional, never felt uncomfortable in those silly panties and goggles they give you! Also did a few armpit treatments and headed there for a massage and facial today! 1


I got my first micro-dermabrasion done here because of terrible acne scars. I was really satisfied with the results and treatment. I was 15 and went alone and so you could imagine how nervous and scared I was. They were very understanding and supportive-I’m glad my first time getting this procedure was here.1
Liked: Great customer service


If you are in the market for LASER HAIR REMOVAL look no further because the Body Massage Wellness Spa has exactly what you are looking for. I have to say at first I was a little skeptical of going through with this procedure. However, the staff was extremely knowledgeable and being that they have a M.D. on staff around the clock calmed my nerves just enough to go through with it. After 6 Painless sessions with the LightSheer DUET I am happy to say that I am hair free and all without breaking the bank.1


I am a huge fan of this Spa! They carry a product that has literally changed my life. Their homeopathic HGH R helped me go from 220 to 195. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful and has taken time with me to make sure the remedy is as helpful and effective as possible. The venue is also really nice! And its a breath of fresh air to walk in from the 16th street mall. Definitely take advantage of this downtown gem.1
Liked: Service


I have the most wonderful experiences at Body Massage Wellness Spa! I’ve tried several methods of Hair Removal at other places, and they never seemed to get the job done even with several attempts. After only one session of Laser Hair Removal with Rhianna… I saw incredible results! And it only gets better from there. It is obvious that the hiring is done with great care – the staff is welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Another great thing about this spa are the reasonable rates! I always look forward to my appointments at Body Massage Wellness Spa… next week: Facial and Massage!!! 1
Liked: Service


FULL BODY MASSAGE – After a week of traveling over 8000 miles I was given a full body massage at The Body Massage Wellness Spa as a gift. The timing was perfect; I was very tight and tense. Being a former college athlete I am no stranger to a massage. This spa exceeded my expectations; the massage was sublime, very professional, very relaxing and extremely soothing. My masseuse (Pamela) made sure she covered any areas of my body that were extra tense and tight. Probably the best gift I could have received after all the traveling I had done, I would definitely recommend anyone to this spa for a full body massage.1


This series of treatments was my first experience with laser hair removal. Rhianna is excellent, friendly, patient, and explains the procedure. I am highly satisfied with the results. If I am interested in other services, I will definitely look here first.1


The body massage and wellness spa is one of the friendliest places i have been. The staff is very welcoming and the atmosphere is great. They have some really great deals and are very accommodating. I have given several gift certificates to my family members and they all loved it. One of the best deals that works for my is their stress relieving chair massages. You can get massages anywhere from 15 minutes and up. I like the 15 minute massages because it doesn’t take very long to do a lot of work. After my massages I always feel great and it is always the best part of my week.1


My skin is acne prone and once I started on the Image skincare plan that was custom made to my skin by the Aesthetician at Body Massage Wellness Spa within weeks I saw a difference in my complexion. She was very knowledgeable concerning acne skin. She also made recommendations for my home care plan. These products are awesome and have made a big difference. What I liked about my experience most was it was customized just for me. Relaxing and excellent customer service.1


I wasn’t too sure before i went in because I am not very much for getting facials or anything like that. This experiences was awesome. I never thought a facial would be so uplifting and relaxing at the same time! Maria was great and she was very knowledgeable and gave me good information on skin care products i should use. Will definitely do it again now! 1


Knowledge is everything: I am an athlete and with that come injury. I also know that working out injury can be dangerous if the person is not educated in what they do. I was very surprised after my massage do to not just the speed of recovery, but thought conversation, learning about Cory’s continued education and understanding of injury and the dynamics of the body. Cory was also helpful in educating me on the work he was doing and how I was to further my healing process.1
Liked: Service


I have never written a review in my life but just had to share how happy I am about this place. My sister, myself and my Mom recently traveled to Denver (6 hours from where we are from) to this spa. We had planned a 50th birthday celebration for our mom and Body Massage Wellness Spa was our main priority and boy was it worth it!! Everyone here knows what they are doing and the staff was SOOO kind and welcoming and made is feel so comfortable. We didn’t all have the same people for our services but would all HIGHLY recommend a few of them. Violet did an amazing job on our massages. She was kind and professional and definitely helped each of our individual back and shoulder issues. Bobbie did my mom and sister’s pedicures and did a great job. She was fun to talk to and I tell you what, our feet have NEVER been so soft. Last but most definitely not least is Lindsay. Lindsay did all of our facials and did a FANTASTIC job. We did not want the facial to end it was the most relaxing experience. My skin has never looked or felt so good and it lasted for days following the facial. She not only did a great job with the products to fit our particular skin types but gave us each suggestions on products to use at home and tricks for helping our skin. Lindsay definitely went above and beyond to make this experience a good one. Myself and my family cannot wait to go back!! I would HIGHLY recommend this spa to anyone.1


Prior to my DNC participation, I had one of the most refreshing facials and deep tissue massages, I have had in a long time. I wish I came to Denver more often, but from now on when in Denver, I will drop in and get a facial/massage from Dory at the body massage wellness spa.1


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