Advanced Sports Therapy Massage

Advanced Sports Therapy Massage

Advanced Sports Therapy Massage in Denver

What Is Advanced Sports Therapy Message?

Sports therapy massage alleviates muscle soreness and tension, which helps improve your overall performance before exercise and your recovery after working out. In turn, this increases your flexibility and range of motion, reducing the chance of injuries. Sports therapy massage refers to any massage that focuses on either a specific area, such as lower back pain, or that addresses and minimizes stress and overall pain. This method of sports therapy Denver massage uses a scientific approach, applying clinical evidence to treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Advanced Sports Therapy Massage?

A sports massage releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals found in the brain. These lift your mood, helping you feel better. The touch of the therapist and the pressure of the massage also reduce pain. If your muscles are sore, you should also rest and spend time recovering after exercise. Massage can help accelerate the recovery process by breaking down the chemical that causes muscle pain, lactic acid. The body can then dispose of it more easily. Studies show that massage improves the body’s range of motion and decreases soreness whether done before or after a workout or exercise.

Who Needs Sports Therapy Massage?

Playing college, amateur or professional sports produces a great deal of strain on your body, especially your musculoskeletal system. Sports therapy massage can act as a preventative measure, loosening and limbering your muscles so that you are prepared for the rigors of the game. If you have suffered a sports-related injury to your muscles or even your joints, Denver sports therapy massage might especially benefit you, easing pain and accelerating your ability to return to your game. 

What Can You Expect from Sports Therapy Massage?

Your therapist will discuss your specific needs for sports therapy massage with you, whether you are a “weekend warrior” who needs additional flexibility and range of motion or a professional athlete competing at a world-class level. You can expect less fatigue, fewer injuries, greater endurance, improved flexibility and better overall preparation that will help with your performance. Our professional therapist will work with you to develop a plan that fits your activity level and scheduling needs. You can also expect privacy and sensitivity to your needs and requests from our therapist, who will work with you to ensure your comfort during the massage.

Is Sports Therapy Massage Right for You?

During a sports therapy massage, the therapist will work deep into your tissues to realign the joints, muscle fibers and tissues. The pressure helps flush toxins out of your system. While you will likely feel some improvement and possible soreness after one session, continued sessions will improve your overall flexibility and mobility. Sports therapy Denver can also act as a proactive measure to reduce the risk of injury when playing sports or exercising.

At Body Massage Wellness Spa, we provide our patients with the prevention and healing of Denver sports therapy massage. Call us today at 303-893-2543 to schedule an appointment.

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