Massage Pricing

Custom Massage Pricing in Denver

Customized Therapeutic Massage

Everyone is different; that’s why we feel its best to offer customizable massage combinations, taking into account your individual preferences and treatment needs.

Our offerings include Deep Tissue Massage, and for expecting mothers, our Prenatal Massage. Both options are great massages for stress and tension relief, muscular discomfort, and total relaxation.

Upgrade any of our customized therapeutic massage treatments to include up to five different Massage Enhancements.

Customized Therapeutic Massage

Our all-inclusive customized clinical massage options are designed and tailored to deliver a true Elite Experience, complete with HOT TOWELS.

Choose from Advanced Sports Therapy Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, and Structural Integration Massage. Our Customized Clinical Massage options offer effective treatments for auto injury, sports rehab, chronic pain, neck & shoulder pain, or even stress and includes the use of an infrared heating pad and topical analgesics.

Upgrade with up to five Massage Enhancements for a truly exceptional experience.


Customized Therapeutic Massage

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage
$ 109
  • 80 Minutes - $139
  • 90 Minutes - $159

Customized Therapeutic Massage

60 Minute Clinical Massage
$ 129
  • 80 Minutes - $159
  • 90 Minutes - $179

Just $15 per enhancement.

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