Micro-Needling Collagen Induction Therapy in Denver


Are you looking for a non-invasive, long-term solution for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, or stretch marks? Do you want to revitalize the texture, tone, and color of your skin? Body Massage Wellness Spa in Downtown Denver, CO offers the latest innovation in automated micro-needling, or collagen induction therapy (CIT), with the Eclipse MicroPen™.


We all want to look our best. But age, lifestyle and pollution can affect the health and appearance of our skin.

But the days of just putting up with aging, dry and lackluster skin are gone. Today, we have procedures that can safely and quickly help you recover your natural beauty (that you might mistakenly have believed to have lost forever.)

At Body Massage Wellness Spa, we are a premier med spa located in Denver, Colorado. We have years of experience providing the Microneedling treatment, for patrons who want to look and feel younger, brighter and more beautiful.

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Microneedling is a specialized cosmetic procedure that is designed specifically to regenerate your skin, enabling you to recover your beautiful, supple and youthful appearance.

The Microneedling procedure involves making tiny pin pricks on the skin. The punctures stimulate the production of essential proteins in the skin, which in turn help make your skin tighter, brighter and more volumized.Our team at Body Massage Wellness Spa are experts in Microneedling. Contact our Denver med spa today to block your spot for the session.


Microneedling may have captured the world’s attention only in the late 1990s, but it has a longer history that dates back to the turn of the 20th Century. Although it wasn’t called Microneedling then, the earliest ancestor of the procedure was used by a German dermatologist in the year 1905 to treat Keratoses, hyper pigmentation and acne scars. At that time, this was a novel and rare treatment that most doctors did not use.

Then many decades later in 1996, a dermatologist in Canada found that when they treated facial scarring using tattoo needles, the results were significantly better for the patient compared to previously tried techniques.

The same year, another plastic surgeon, Dr. Des Fernandes, developed a unique treatment that involved using a needling device to facilitate collagen production in the body.


Microneedling can be used to treat a variety of dermatological conditions. At our Denver Microneedling facility, we can help you address the following issues:

  • Acne & acne scars
  • Pigmentation & dark spots
  • Fine lines
  • Mild-to-moderate wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Surgical or burn scars
  • Age spots
  • Uneven skin tone


Microneedling is a highly versatile treatment that can be used for diverse areas of the face and the neck. The common treatment sites we address at our med spa are:

  • Forehead
  • Around the eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial region
  • Around the mouth
  • Jaw line
  • Upper neck
  • Belly


Microneedling is a great treatment. But maybe you’ve heard of other cosmetic procedures that are often suggested in the place of Microneedling. Here we discuss three of the common alternatives people often recommend to Microneedling:

  • Microneedling vs Derma rolling: Both Microneedling and derma rolling are treatments that involve using needles to puncture the skin and stimulate collagen production. But the way they’re done is different. Typically, Microneedling is done by a trained and qualified med spa professional – like our team at Body Massage Wellness Spa. A specialized Microneedling pen is used to carefully and safely microneedle your face. However, derma rolling is an at-home procedure, where a small wheel-like device covered with tiny needles is used by the individual to stimulate blood flow and brighten the skin.

    While you can derma roll at home, it isn’t always safe. Not every skin is suited for needle-based cosmetic treatments. Using your derma roller when your skin is not ideal for it, can lead to more problems. Additionally, the way the needles are run over the skin can impact how quickly the skin will heal. Since most people are not trained to do needle-based treatments, they risk exposing themselves to infections.

    On the other hand, with Microneedling, you never are at risk of getting unanticipated or unwanted results. Our med spa dermatologists are experts in Microneedling and know exactly how to help you get your desired cosmetic results in a safe and quick way.
  • Microdermabrasion vs Microneedling: Microneedling and microdermabrasion are both very popular treatments. Although they sound related, they’re actually not.

    Microdermabrasion is a process that combines dermabrasion with skin resurfacing. Essentially, this is a treatment that targets the surface layer of the skin. It focuses on removing the dirt, dust and dead cells that are collected and clogging-up the pores. A pen-like device, which resembles the Microneedling pen, is used to remove the unwanted top layer of your skin. With microdermabrasion, it becomes easier to clean clogged pores, improve skin brightness and make your skin feel soft and supple.

    Microneedling, on the other hand, is a collagen induction therapy, where the needle punctures the skin at a deeper level. This puncturing of the skin damages the dermal cells. In order to heal themselves, your skin cells will produce more collagen, which is a protein that is responsible for tightening and volumizing the skin.

    If you’re looking for a treatment that helps with purely how you look, then the microdermabrasion is better procedure. However, the results of the microdermabrasion typically last for 1 month.

    If you want your skin to benefit in the long term, then Microneedling is the better choice. Since Microneedling targets your deeper skin tissues and induces collagen production, the results are more long lasting and visible.

    While all of the above treatments are highly effective, these are a few reasons why Microneedling is a better option in many cases.
  • Microneedling vs chemical peels: Chemical peels are a popular dermal revitalization and regeneration treatment. Depending on what cosmetic requirements you have, you can get a chemical peel for the surface layer of your skin or deep in your skin too.

    Deep chemical peels and Microneedling have a lot in common. They both target dermal cells, eliminate older/damaged skin cells and help stimulate the production of new skin cells. However, the primary difference between the two is the comfort & convenience offered by Microneedling.

    Chemical peels, while extremely effective, can cause some discomfort and pain for people with sensitive skin. Plus, if you don’t want to have a longer recovery time, chemical peels (which result in the shedding of the superficial layer of the skin), may not be ideal for you.

    Microneedling, on the other hand, doesn’t have a very long down time and you can resume your normal activities right after treatment. Additionally, it is a much gentler procedure, suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Microneedling is an extremely effective procedure that offers immense benefits to patients. Some of the advantages of Microneedling are:

  • It takes years off your face by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines.
  • It helps even out your skin tone and gives you a uniform complexion.
  • It stimulates skin tissue regeneration, which helps lighten the appearance of any burns or scars.
  • It prevents dirt clogging up in your pores by reducing pore size.
  • It reduces the thickness and brightness of rosacea.
  • It has lesser discomfort and side effects than other dermal regeneration and collagen induction treatments.


Once you visit Body Massage Wellness Spa in Denver, you will have a consult with one of our specialists. We will evaluate your cosmetic and dermal health requirements and create a Microneedling plan for you.

On the day of the treatment, you are asked to lie down on the treatment table. Make-up is removed and your skin is cleansed. Then, our med spa dermatologists use a Microneedling pen to create the punctures on your skin. As the needles pierce your skin, they create deep channels.

In response, your body stimulates the production of collagen to heal the injured dermal cells and facilitate the production of new cells. Once the Microneedling procedure is complete, we clean your face and apply soothing and nutrient-rich lotions to infuse healing ingredients into your skin.



At Body Massage Wellness Spa, we use the state-of-the-art Eclipse MicroPen to provide the Microneedling treatment. This is one of the most powerful technologies built to promote collagen production in the skin and facilitate deep dermal healing at a cellular level.

The Eclipse MicroPen® EVO is the latest in the Eclipse MicroPen range. This device addresses the dual needs of superficial skin corrections and deep dermal collagen induction in one single treatment.

A superior automated microneedling machine, the Eclipse MicroPen® EVO includes a sterile cartridge with tiny micro-points through which the needles will move. When you visit our Denver med spa for treatment, we will apply saline solution to your face and place the Eclipse MicroPen® EVO on one chosen spot on the treatment site. Then, using a gentle and fluid movement, we move the Eclipse MicroPen® EVO across the treatment area.

As the Microneedling pen moves, it seamlessly breaks your skin and exits, leaving behind a barely visible pinprick in its wake. The device is small and light weight, allowing us to maneuver the pen into the desired positions – including tricky or sensitive spots – and providing you a comprehensive treatment.

The Eclipse MicroPen® EVO’s needles break down any damaged or dead skin cells and create micro injuries deep in your skin. As an evolutionary response, your skin stimulates the release of greater quantities of collagen, to repair the damage. In this way, any damaged skin cells are treated and reinforced with the newly-produced collagen, while completely new and young dermal cells are produced as well. Together, they help your skin look and feel smoother, blemish-free, younger and stronger.

This dermal pen is so efficient and quick, that it can take just between 15 & 30 minutes to complete treating an entire treatment site. The Eclipse MicroPen® EVO also offers an almost instantaneous glow, which makes you look absolutely radiant.

If you’d like to get your Eclipse MicroPen® EVO Microneedling done today, visit our Denver med spa.


  • Who is eligible to undergo Microneedling? Microneedling is a very safe procedure that can be undergone by most people. However, we would advice you to speak to our dermatologists first, if:
    1. You have keloids or other raised scars.
    2. You have active acne, cysts, lesions or a skin infection that can worsen with Microneedling.
    3. You have recently undergone a cosmetic procedure.
    4. You have very sensitive skin.
    5. Your wounds and burns have not healed fully yet.
    6. You have skin conditions that may worsen because of the Microneedling.
    7. You are currently pregnant.
    8. You have undergone radiation therapy.
  • Is Microneedling painful? Microneedling is not a painful experience for most people. Some patients say that it feels like sandpaper gently moving across your skin. But we do apply a numbing lotion on your face prior to the treatment. This makes Microneedling more comfortable to experience.
  • How should I prepare for Microneedling? Some of the ways to prepare for your Microneedling treatment are:
    1. Don’t apply any creams, oils or lotions that may burn your skin, have an allergic reaction or increase skin sensitivity, before the Microneedling.
    2. Don’t undergo acupuncture at least 6 months before getting Microneedling.
    3. Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medicines, blood thinning agents and antibiotics for 5-7 days prior to the procedure.
    4. Don’t wax, shave or epilate the day before or on the day of the treatment.
    5. Keep our specialists informed of any skin sensitivities or irritations that you have, so they can take the necessary precautions before they begin Microneedling.
  • How many Microneedling sessions do I need to get? Usually, a single session of an hour is enough to target the various treatment areas you want to address. However, if your cosmetic needs are more extensive, our Microneedling experts will advise you about the number of sessions you need to attend.
  • Can Microneedling be performed on any skin tone? Yes, that’s the best part about using the Eclipse MicroPen® EVO pen for Microneedling. This is a specialized technology that enables Microneedling to be performed on any skin tone and gives very natural results post-treatment.
  • What are the side effects of Microneedling? While Microneedling is a safe procedure, it is still a medical treatment. And as with any procedure, it does come with its own set of side effects, including:
    1. Inflammation/puffiness of the skin.
    2. Facial tenderness.
    3. Minor bleeding.
    4. Minor bruising.
    5. Flaking of the skin.
    6. Skin sensitivity to sunlight.
    7. Increased rate of acne breakouts 

It’s important to note that these side effects occur only in the initially few days after the treatment and they’ll subside soon after with proper care.

  • Can I drive myself back home after Microneedling? Yes, you can drive yourself home after the procedure. However, we still advise that you ask someone to pick you up, so you don’t expose your skin to pollution and sunlight as you drive back. They may irritate your sensitive skin.
  • How much downtime does Microneedling involve? Your skin may look red and inflamed for 2-3 days after the procedure. It may even be sensitive for up to a week. However, there is no other side effect that requires you to have a long recovery time. You can return to your normal routine immediately after your session. Just ensure you follow our doctors’ advice when caring for your skin.
  • How should I care for my skin after Microneedling? The first week after the Microneedling procedure is a sensitive time for your skin and it’s important to care for it well to ensure that you don’t develop any infections. Some of the things to do as part of your skincare routine post-Microneedling are:
    1. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands, as it may cause infections.
    2. Keep your nails clean and don’t scratch at the puncture marks as it can spread bacteria to your sensitive skin.
    3. Avoid makeup for 24 hours after the procedure. It’s best if you use skin-safe and non-irritant cosmetics after this, to soothe your skin.
    4. Wash your face with just lukewarm water for 24 hours. Afterwards, use gentle facewash and nothing abrasive.
    5. Don’t expose your skin to direct sunlight for 2-3 weeks after the treatment and use lots of sunscreen.
    6. Avoid using public swimming pools, Jacuzzis, showers and saunas as they may be hotbeds for infection.
    7. Don’t do heavy workouts that can make you sweat a lot for at least 72 hours.

You can resume your normal activities once your skin has completely healed and begins to show results.

  • What other cosmetic procedures can I undergo along with Microneedling? The best part about Microneedling is that it can offer excellent cosmetic results if you combine it with other procedures. Ideally, we’d say a gentle/superficial chemical peel done a few months prior to Microneedling can help slough-off dead & dirty skin, allowing you to receive the full benefits of Microneedling.
  • How long do the results of Microneedling last? Depending on how well you care for your skin, the results of Microneedling can last anywhere between 4 & 12 weeks. Although the average has been 8 weeks. You can come in for another Microneedling session within the 8-12 weeks period when you begin to notice signs of aging or skin damage.


So, what are you waiting for? Book your visit to Body Massage Wellness Spa today. In fact, if you’re in Denver and were to type “Microneedling near me” on Google, you’d receive our med spa details in your search results.

We are a reputed Microneedling provider in Denver, Colorado and we look forward to helping you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

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