Kybella Double Chin Injection treatment in Denver

Kybella Double Chin Injection treatment in Denver

A quick overview of kybella™ :

Kybella™ is a procedure, offered at our downtown Denver location, which helps combat a double chin, reducing the fat underneath the chin in medium to serious cases through using a prescription medication. The medication consists of deoxycholic acid, which is a natural bile salt. Treatments are directly injected into the double chin, thereby helping mitigate the fat cells. The product has a website with additional information at

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If you are considering treatments with Kybella Body Massage Wellness Spa, we provide a free consultation to see if you are an appropriate candidate. Our professional aesthetic registered nurse will examine your double chin to evaluate if the treatment is a viable option for you.

Depending on the size of your double chin, candidates usually require between two and four treatments at least a month apart. The manufacturer has indicated that patients can receive up to six Kybella™ treatments. The smaller your double chin, the fewer treatments you may need.

Results may vary.

Side Effects and Recovery after Kybella™ Treatments

Side effects commonly include: generalized swelling, pain and bruising after a treatment. Patients usually report pain ranging from two to four on a scale of 10 after Kybella™ injections, varying per individual. However, the pain is temporary and lessens significantly within minutes. Swelling generally subsides after approximately a week, and patients report the optimal results approximately six to eight weeks after treatment.

Kybella™ Denver Pricing

A vial of Kybella™ costs $600 with each treatment requiring two to three vials. As treatments are appropriate for men or women, men usually require three vials per treatment while women may only require two vials. During your initial appointment to assess your need for Kybella Body Massage Wellness Spa, your consultant will advise you of how many vials per treatment you will likely need.

The Results of Our Downtown Denver Kybella™ Treatments

Kybella™ helps dissolve the cells that cause the double chin. As such, treatments can last a significant amount of time. Your consultant can provide you with better estimate as to time frames.


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