Skinfinity RF Skin Tightening & Resurfacing in Denver

Skinfinity RF Skin tightening in Denver
Body Massage Wellness Spa in Denver offers this unique treatment. We would love to help you with your skincare needs, using the innovative solution of Skinfinity RF Resurfacing. Discover what Skinfinity RF Resurfacing can do for you at our Body Massage Wellness Spa.  To speak with us about how Skinfinity RF Resurfacing can provide you with smoother, tighter, flawless more beautiful skin,  call us at 303-893-2543 for a complimentary consultation!

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For decades, skin treatments involved the use chemicals, lasers or microderm abrasions, which have uncertain results or cause complications following treatment. These treatments could be painful, long and did not work for all patients.

A new process, Skinfinity RF Resurfacing, instead provides skin rejuvenation through the use of a sophisticated fractional ablative technique similar to a CO2 fractional that also employs radio frequency technology. The process works to tighten skin on the body, neck and face, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, minor scars, stretch marks and rosacea through promoting the production of collagen.

Skinfinity RF Resurfacing promotes smoother skin texture and corrects uneven skin tone for a younger-looking appearance.

Medical professionals have taken advantage of RF technology for decades, which essentially exfoliates dead skin via heat so that the younger-looking skin just under the surface shows through. The RF or radio frequencies send bursts of energy through small rows of electrodes to stimulate the skin through micro-ablative treatments. The revolutionary technology delivers minor tissue damage while promoting the growth of new cells, enhancing the healing process and promoting toning and tightening skin in the process. The end result is smoother, younger-looking skin. At Body Massage Wellness Spa, we understand that one of the main keys in a successful outcome is using enough heat to benefit the skin and stimulate collagen without burning the skin during the process.

This technique works especially well for those with fewer wrinkles and aging changes. Since the process is less invasive, patients with deeper wrinkles sometimes benefit more from a traditional approach.

A typical treatment takes about an hour with minimal risk to the patient. While the procedure is safe for all types of skin, you should use a topical anesthetic to numb your skin before the treatment and minimize pain. You will experience a burning sensation after the treatment with possible tingling for up to two hours. Upon completion, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. You might experience effects similar to a slight case of a sunburn following treatment with recovery taking from three to five days.

Procedure results are situationally dependent and those contained herein may not be wholly representative, nor do they constitute guaranteed results.Individual results may vary.

Skinfinity RF Resurfacing works gradually over six months to encourage collagen production in your body. However, the results last for years. While your collagen production will eventually decline from aging, you can repeat treatments every four to six weeks in order to enhance your results. Results may vary.

More invasive treatments involve difficult recoveries, similar to those incurred after a first or second-degree burn, accompanied by flakiness, stinging, possible blisters and redness, that could last for days or even weeks. Recovery involves dressing the wounds, limiting sun exposure and staying away from family and friends for as long as two weeks. In some cases, the skin pigment even lightens after treatments. Further complications mean that some patients need to use a special make-up to cover their skin for up to three months.

On the other hand, Skinfinity RF Resurfacing uses less heating, resulting in less redness, a shorter recovery and less burning and injury to your skin. While a more invasive therapy admittedly produces more dramatic results, a client can expect significant trade-offs. The process offers these advantages over traditional skin treatment methods:

  • A low-level ablative treatment,
  • Safer as it can be used on all types of skin,
  • Minimal discomfort,
  • A reduced downtime,
  • Skin tightening,
  • Fewer complications, including a reduced risk of scarring, infections or pigment changes,
  • Customizable treatments for the patient’s needs,
  • Quicker treatments and
  • Greater consistency across the treatment area.
  • What Conditions Does Denver Skinfinity RF Resurfacing Treat?

Skinfinity RF Resurfacing addresses numerous skin conditions, including:

  • Acne scars,
  • Hypertrophic scars,
  • Skin laxity,
  • Skin rejuvenation,
  • Skin resurfacing and
  • Wrinkles and fine lines.
  • For the WOW Factor combo this treatment with PRP-Platlet Rich Plasma, and Microneedling.
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