Peptide Therapy For Pain Management

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Are you interested in trying our non-opiate pain management offerings? Here are some reasons why you might try peptides for pain management:

Why try peptides for pain management?

  • Peptide therapy is one of the fastest growing therapeutic options in Regenerative Medicine and
    are available through compounding pharmacies with a prescription from your provider.
  • Peptides interact with cell membranes and are NOT steroids. Peptides are faster acting than
    steroids. Steroids are lipid soluble and interact with the whole cell, and is why systemic side
    effects are so prominent with steroid use.
  • Peptides contain significant anti-inflammatory effects.

Why try BPC-157 for pain management?

  • BPC-157 (Body Protection Compound) is involved with systemic repair & healing.
  • In 1993 BPC-157 was discovered in gastric juice. Known as the “Wolverine Peptide” due to the
    regenerative properties it contains.
  • BPC-157 works by increasing Nitric Oxide to regenerate cells, increases collagen production,
    promotes growth factor & cytokine generation.
  • Reduces the number of inflammatory cells and levels of:
    • Leukotriene B4
    • Thromboxane B2
    • Myeloperoxidase in the serum and inflamed tissues
  • Found to promote tissue healing through signaling pathways.
  • BPC-157 has been known to:
    • Repair Tendon/ Ligaments
    • Repair Muscle/ Nerve
    • Repair Bone fractures
    • Repair teeth
    • Repair cornea
    • Repair brain in TBI
  • BPC-157 promoted tendon to Bone healing
  • This peptide is also found to regenerate cells involved in inflammatory bowel disease such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease.
  • Widely used in bodybuilding & sports injuries.
  • Evidence of benefits in repair of MSK issues.

Try this in conjunction with one of our compounded non-opiate pain creams!


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